Warwick with  the superb performance is  the newest long range locator produced by Deep Finders company . The system is introduced as having several amplifiers and simultaneously sending signals from two sources to the ground, as a powerful and unrivalled long range locator . In this system, the power control unit is removed and this unit has been replaced by a pwa unit by which the maximum output power of the device can be achieved by generating a signal with a high amplitude and voltage by simply pressing a button, which results in more depth of penetration and greater operating range.
Warwick with the MES button completely  identifies  and eliminates intrusive minerals and particles. This unique device incorporates powerful antenna-matching compatibility  technology with POWERFULL ANTENNA option. Another benefit of this system is the separate use of the filter and metals menu, which allows users to identify  false targets from  real targets directly and without delay from the filter menu to achieve better results. In addition, it has a ground digital balance to adapt to the soil of all regions of the world. The device is designed to be so simple that the search of the treasure with this device is identical for beginners and professionals. This device is used to detect buried materials at a high depth and radius away and in compact volume .
If you are looking for a high-performance device and plenty of care to find buried small metals at a higher depth, radius and distances away ,we will introduce Warwick to you.

Benefits of the device:

1. Use of  microprocessor to make high precision frequency
2. The penetration depth of  80 meters and the radius of operation of  5 square kilometers
3. 8 default filtering modes
4. Ability to search 4 valuable metal  such as bronze, copper,   silver and  gold
5. Simultaneous use of several amplifiers for depth of penetration and more radius performance
6. Use of pwa technology
7. Digital Ground  Balance System
8. Presence of digital particle removal
9. Signal Generation with high amplitude and power by pwa technology
10. Use of lithium-ion and rechargeable batteries for continuous and long-term use
11. Availability of high-antenna compatibility technology
12. Use of  multi-part detector antennas for user convenience
13.Use of a shockproof  box
14. Manuals
15.Two years warranty