Advantages of UG-50

  • 50 meters Depth of penetration  and the 8,000 meters radius performance
  • The separation power of a variety of metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze
  • The simultaneous use of three oscillators to identify  the target
    more precisely
  • Exploitation  of DDS oscillators with the precision of a thousandth of a hertz
  • MFF filtering mode  to remove minerals
  • SFF filtering mode to remove similar frequencies.
  • The status  of the target test to accept or reject the specified remote target
  • Mineral elimination system to filter and remove minerals
  • A separate menu and choice capability of the type of filter
  • Signal marker transmission to the ground
  • Ground  Digital balance for system adjustment  with  the search  environment
  • Digital graphic display for easy use in night and low-light areas
  • Battery status indicator and battery intelligent control system
  • Durable Lithium-ion battery with 10 -12 hours  of continuous operation
  • Multi-pieces search Antenna for the user’s ease
  • Shockproof and anti- water
  • Accessories box
  • Manuals
  • 1 year warranty


UG-50 is  another DEEP FINDERS company’s product .A powerful and unique device  for  tracking a variety of metals in great depth  and long distances. A unique device, using the latest detection methods to find metals and buried treasures. By exploiting  MINERAL ELIMINATION filtering system, removes wastes and small goals that have already been  visible in other products .In addition to  all foregoing functions , use of  2  other filters with called MFF and SFF, the system of locator is made  unique that surpasses those of all the locators of the world. MFF filter  detects  redundant frequencies of minerals and SFF  filter detects similar frequencies that would interfere with the detection and removes them.  Simultaneous use of 3 powerful oscillators for detailed analysis of  the target  is another advantage of the device. UG-50 power  is  strengthened  so that enables you to search buried treasures and metals within a radius of 8,000 meters and a depth  of 50 m. At the moment the system is  used as a reliable detector in archaeological excavations by archaeologists.