• 25 meters depth of  penetration and 7500 meters radius performance
  • The separation power  of a variety of metals such as gold, silver, bronze
  • The use of digital chip to transmit signals with an accuracy of thousandth of a hertz
  • The use of  infinitesimal radio frequencies
  • Simultaneous use of  several frequencies for a better target analysis
  • Target mode testing for elimination  of unnecessarily targets
  • Ground Digital balance for adjustment of  system  with the search environment
  • Digital display for easy use in night and low-light areas
  • Durable Lithium-ion battery with 10 -12 hours continuous operation
  • Battery status indicator and battery intelligent control system
  • Use of multi-pieces antenna search for the users’ ease
  • Signal transmission marker to the ground
  • Waterproof  and anti-Shock box
  • Accessories box
  • 1 year warranty
  • Manuals


The best and latest digital locator device in the world  designed by expert engineers  of DEEP FINDERS. Despite being digital ,the ease of operation of this device has turned it  into a favorite  device to the explorers.  The use of digital chip to send precise signals and simultaneous use of multiple frequencies for better  target analysis makes the system a unique locator. High radius and depth  performance is what explorers are looking for, this system has met all requirements . Penetration depth of 25 meters and  radius performance of 7500 , redundancy removal  mode  yield great benefits of this new system.  Such systems are ideal  to find gold in the distance, we offer  this product for your goals.