SPOTTER a Spot Finder device
A unique spotting device , developed and marketed by Deep Finders for the first time in the world, is a completely digital system for finding the exact point of buried metals discovered by long range locators. Therefore, operators of all long range locators can find the exact point of the target after search. The use of this device is not unique to Deep Finders’ long range locators and it can be used as complementary to all of the world’s long range locators made by other companies. This device has four independent units, each connected to two bronze ground probes, by which the signal is transmitted from the device to the ground, and the type of valuable metal choice can be done by the operators. In this system, the frequency of valuable metals is sent from the four directions to the desired point, and if there is a real target, you can easily find the main point of the target. In this system, the four units are networked with the latest networking systems. And it is easy and comfortable for the user to find the exact point of the buried objects in the subterranean depths of the earth.
A quality body with a stylish, lightweight, compact, durable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows the user to work continuously for hours with the device without having to charge.
With Spotter no longer worry about the mistake of detecting , we’ll get you the exact point with this system ….

Device Features:
Use of micro controller to build frequency
High accuracy in finding the target point
Making Frequency for 4 valuable metal types
Use of network technology for wireless communication
High penetration depth
Marker for selecting metal type
Battery status indicator
Use of portables probes for easier use
Use of high-capacity rechargeable batteries for continuous operation
One year warranty