Advantages of this device:

  • A remarkably powerful, accurate microprocessor for artificial signaling
  • Employing  a 9- mode- powerful filtering
  • The artificial ionization system of signal boost
  • A turbo-signal system
  • A system for removal of extra and intruder particles and minerals
  • Digital ground balancing
  • exploration depth of 40 meters with a radius of action of 8000 meters
  • A digital keyboard
  • device durability
  • durable  batteries for greater efficiency
  • Simultaneous use of multiple signals for transmit  into the ground
  • Waterproof and anti-shock box
  • Accessory bag
  • Instruction manual
  • One – year warranty


If you are looking for  a  powerful detector with high precision tracking  , a full filtering system, and an intruder mineral and particle remover, we  introduce Sky Force. Undoubtedly ,this is a precise,  perfect system for tracking  . The extraordinary capabilities of removing intruder minerals and  particles is enabled by the MES system. By charging the ground through artificial ionization by means of signal boost , using the maximum power of the device, greater power holding with the turbo-signal system,  Sky Force makes your unattainable wishes come true, just two examples of the incredibly powerful tracker.  Sky Force makes you experience  the most thrilling passion  in treasure hunting .