Features :

  • Exploration depth the of 30 Ms and the radius performance of 8,000 Ms
  • The separation power  of a variety of metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze
  • The use of digital chip to send signals with an accuracy of thousandth of a hertz
  • The use of infinitesimal radio frequencies
  • Simultaneous use of several  frequencies for better target  analysis
  • Target test mode for unnecessary target elimination
  • Simultaneous  sending of several frequencies with different  structures
  • Ground digital balance for adjustment of system  with the search environment
  • Digital graphic display for easy use in night and low-light areas
  • Durable Lithium ion batteries with over 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Battery status indicator and battery intelligent control system
  • Multi –pieces antenna search for the users’ ease
  • Signal transmission marker to the ground
  • Anti-shock and waterproof box
  • Accessories box
  • 1 year warranty
  • Manuals


RELIC DETECTOR is  Digital Deep Finders system of improved performance compared to previous of the company’s TD-MAX  is strengthened  in case of the radial and depth power, one other  metal added to  choice menu locator. It is capable of  exploring metals at a depth of 30 meters and a  radius search of 8000 meters. Simultaneous use of  Multi-signals for further and better target processing  is another feature of this system. The digital processor of the device accurately sends  thousandth of a hertz frequency to the ground, so that to minimize errors. The use of waste removal technology is another advantage of this system that helps users minimize operational errors.