Features of the device:

  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • full-digital particle Mineral Elimination system
  • Display
  • High-speed rejection and removal
  • 3 level filtering
  • Ability to remove material from small object to half kg
  • Indicator of the targets rejected
  • Signal strength indicator for transition
  • Low Battery status indicator
  • 16-volt recharge battery
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 year warranty


Mineral Elimination Device  MES-X2 NEW Edition (Power and more precision)

MES-X2 NEW Edition is the DEEP FINDERS company’s newest particle Mineral Elimination system, which is an upgraded sample of the previous MES-X1 device. All analog parts have been removed in this device and the full-digital particle Mineral Elimination system has been provided. You as a user, can precisely select the level and intensity of filtering by pressing a button. In this device, the type of filtering is displayed on the display.

This is a device that provides users with a long range locator for buried objects buried  in the underground and in the depths of the soil gives the possibility to simultaneously removes the signs of worthless objects that are tiny pieces of small objects, intrusive minerals, and created  by the electromagnetic fields. Also, when objects are discovered, this small and compact device can be used to determine the worthy or worthless object.

This device connects to two bronze-grounded probes , which transmits the signal from the device to the ground, and operates in the frequency range of the VLF to remove  disturbances of the type of metal that users are looking for with high precision . High-speed rejection and removal of adjustable disturbances and selection by the user that can eliminate minerals, very small objects to  objects with a weight of half kilogram.

A device with high body  quality  with very beautiful design, lightweight, compact design and resistant with  a rechargeable lithium battery that allows the user to work continuously for hours without having to charge the device. If you are looking for a neat and accurate  mineral elimination device when working with your locators, and you want to get the best results, we will offer you this device.