Advantages of the device:

A microprocessor used to build artificial frequencies with an accuracy of thousandth of a hertz
A 6- mode- use filtering
Turbo signaling system
Digital ground balancing
Waste removal system of extra objects and minerals
Gold, silver, bronze and copper metals search functionality
An exploration depth of 35 m with a radius of 3000 meters
A continuous 14 hour – battery use
A digital keyboard
Three-piece antenna searcher
waterproof and anti-shock box
Accessory bag
1 year warranty


Golden Age metal detector is one of the outstanding achievements of the great Deep Finders company which is the result of several years of research by the scientists and engineers of the company. The system capability to track and discover 4 precious metals including gold-silver-copper- and bronze makes it a well-known fantastic detector among the archeologists .Its extraordinary power with simplicity of functionality followed by simultaneous utilization of the new turbo-signaling technology and unique filtering of MES turned the device into a masterpiece . Its great probing and radius of action with high accuracy and unique precision and speed is all but what is needed by treasure hunters. GOLDEN AGE let you access the deepest targets buried deeply under the ground.