The depth of penetration of100 meters and the radius of operation of 5000 meters
Ease of operation and use
Using Micro-processorsto Generate High-Precision Frequency
Having several power amplifiers for simultaneous use for depth of penetration and better radius performance
Having a boost system to enhance environmental waves
Turbo system to increase output power of the machine
Particle and Digital Mineral Removal System
Entering the frequency manually and arbitrarily
Having a frequency of 4 precious metals by default
Having 12 filtering to remove similar frequencies
Digital output power control
Digital display
Intelligent LCD Sensor Adjustment Light
Powerful full antenna
Use of lithium battery and rechargeable battery for continuous and long use
Use of Multi-Touch Checker Antennas for user convenience
Anti-shock box
CD Guide
Flash memory containing Android software
2 years warranty


DF-CROWN Long Range Locator

It is the best and latest technology in the metal LRL system in the world, which is provided by DeepFindersLtd to the marketfor sale.
DeepFinders specializes in the production of various types of LRLs according to the needs of the treasurer users. The use of LRLs reduces costs and increases efficiency and time saving, and allows tracking of large and wide areas at shortest intervals, and can ensure that the existence of the possible treasure. These devices can be used on any ground even in rocky and rugged terrain. This is the latest product of the DeepFindersCompany with unique facilities and features is the tracking of buried metals under the depths of soils, which, with the benefit of the latest technology of the day, has entered the world of competition. This device, in addition to discovering precious metals and valuable materials, can also be used to discover jewels, diamonds and old precious stones, so both treasure hunters can use this device as well as those who are looking for precious stones and minerals.
The efficiency of multiple power-amplifiers simultaneously provides unparalleled power to the system by which the maximum output power of the device can be achieved by producing a signal with amplitude and high voltage by simply pressing a button, which results in an in-depth penetration and the radius of performance is high.
Another advantage of this device is the use of the boost system to enhance environmental waves and the use of a turbo system to increase the output power of the device and the system of removing particles and minerals to eliminate the same frequencies that disturb the tracking of the device.
With the number of filters eliminating similar frequencies of the device, no longer have to worry about detecting and treasuring errors, and simply look at the treasure you want with high accuracy.
Another feature of this system is the ability to connect to the cell phone and control the function of the device with the mobile phone, which allows you to control the system through a Bluetooth connection remotely.
Another advantage of this device is the use of a keypad to enter the desired frequency manually and arbitrarily.
With DF-Crown’s you can access to your unreachable dreams, you enjoy the world of trapping buried metals.