Surely it happened to long range locator operators who are looking for metal and treasure in the depths of the ground and under the ground, but their long range locator does not reveal any point … Deep Finders company has designed a device for fixing this problem, which can be used anywhere, looking for buried metal in the depths of the earth and far away. The BOOSTER system is a powerful and efficient analog-digital system for charging the ambient soil to a long radius and preparing the ground for searching and receiving signals with the detector. The BOOSTER eliminate intrusive and inefficient particles at the surface and depth of the ground, and provides a smooth, non-contaminant surface to work with the long range locator . Just turn on the device and connect the probes to the ground and wait for ten minutes and then look for the real targets. The machine connects to two ground bronze probes, by which the signal transmitted from the device to the ground .
A Device with a high body quality, stylish, lightweight, compact, durable lithium battery that allows the user to work with the device continuously for hours without having to charge.

With BOOSTER you will achieve the best targets …

Device Features:

Use of a specific signal to enable the searchable environment with the long range locator

Use ability for all searchable metals

Device output power status indicators

Volume control of output power

Use of microcontroller to build the center frequency of the device

Portable and Replacement probes for easier user use

Use of rechargeable batteries for continuous operation


One year warranty