Black Hunter

Advantages of this device:

  • 10000 m of the radius performance
  • 75 m penetration  Depth
  • The separation power  of a variety of metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and ….
  • The exploitation of  the newest technological  microprocessor to create signal
  • The accuracy of one-thousandth Hz frequency
  • 6 filters for  similarity removal
  • 4 filter use for  particles removal
  • Exploitation  of powerful mineral elimination system
  • Free frequency section  to enter the of the desired frequency manually
  • Free frequency range   of 1 Hz to 30,000 Hz with  precision of a thousandth of a hertz
  • Use of ground  digital balance for system adjustment  with  search environment
  • Durable Lithium-ion battery with 10 -12 hours continuous operation
  • Battery status indicator and battery intelligent control system
  • Digital graphic display for easy use in night and low-light areas
  • Use of multi-pieces search antenna for the user’s ease
  • Signal marker transmission to the ground
  • Waterproof and anti-shock Box
  • Accessories box
  • Manuals
  • Two years warranty

BLACK HUNTER device is the result  of several years of research and experience  of  expert engineers  of DEEP FINDERS company which  is now the third generation of long range locator models of  metals and  elements. By exploiting the latest methods We launched the most unique long range locator into the markets. High penetration depth and stunning radius performance of this locator ,makes this locator  a secure tool for  explorers. In this device 10 filters  for  particle and similarities elimination  embedded in the two menu SFF . Its mineral elimination is much more  powerful than any other devices of the company. Another extraordinary  new advantage of the  device is its free frequency . The locator, in general,  can be used with 4 default frequencies.  But in the free frequency the user can enter the desired vast range of frequencies to seek targets with high accuracy ,this function can not be found on any devices at all.  All the benefits of this device makes it superior to other competitors in the world. As a result .old objects buried deeply  in the ground in the distance are  easily detected by the device and users can find  buried objects,  measure the depth and weight of the target.