With the establishment of Deep Finders Ltd

along with a new and distinctive standard in this field, it has always been one of the concerns of managing section to provide a range of different services to its customers. Following this issue, the unit of customer affairs was launched with a dedication, respect and special service to customers with the group advancement.

This unit started its activity with several customer-oriented experts. At that time, comments, criticisms and suggestions, generally the whole communication accomplished through courteous customers in writing and via email. Since then, with the expansion of its activities, the CRM unit has largely been focused and based on the principles of a customer-oriented approach. With the passage of time and unsurpassed customer satisfaction, this unit has been expanding its activities .

At present, the collection has always tried to update the knowledge of the team in various scientific fields, including customer service management, effective communication management issues, customer satisfaction management, and this has been achieved by holding periodic training classes.
This unit is engaged in providing services to dear customers in several distinct and united departments, which consist of the following parts:

Costumers Complaints Division (CCD) [Customers Complaint Management](CCM)
Customers Survey Division and Customer Satisfaction [Customer Satisfaction Management] (CSM)
It is hoped that Customer Service Management Services will be the basis for an ever-increasing customer base in the Deep Finders’ Group. Obviously, this will only be achieved with your co-operation, accompaniment and consultation of the dedicated and loyal customers of the Deep Finders Group.