Become a Dealer

Deep Finders LTD, a leading brand manufacturer and the best seller of Deep Finders long range locators, accepts active dealerships around the world.

What kind of assistance do we offer to dealerships and what facilities do we provide for them?

  1. In addition to the regular delivery of merchandise ,we assist you in the field of marketing.
  2. We will do advertising.
  3. In the ads and websites, we will provide the dealerships’ details and characteristics.
  4. Our contact centers lead customers to dealerships.
  5. We regularly consider gifts to our customers that are part of our global sales plan, which will definitely affect the sales of the dealerships.
  6. In some devices of the company, the deal will be paid to the dealership in exchange for any sale.
  7. We guarantee the price of the product to market to the same conditions.

If you want to become our dealership, you can email the request for a deal or call

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