About Us

Deep Finders Company with limited liability, is established in the field of design, production and assembly of the long-range detectors – by now Deep Finders not only has electronic technicians working on the established but new technologies, but engineers who are looking for the new technologies to detect the hidden objects. A new method to detect buried objects, is to produce portable equipment and devices for ease of carrying . Our tracers are long-range detectors that are always being improved to provide all the above terms for the users. Deep Finders exhibits different types of detectors. Our qualified Instruments for measuring and evaluating are used successfully by the assessing engineers and by treasure hunters and archaeologists around the world. Numerous findings by our detectors prove the ability of our products. A global distribution network of independent vendors guarantees existence and availability of our products in the international market. Our commitment and loyalty to Customer satisfaction is never trivial and the main cause of our success . We strictly believe that customer satisfaction can work much more better than a widely publicized act. A company that wants to provide customer satisfaction is always respected. Deep Finders , during its activity years has set out its aims on making better products, better technology and better information .